Steven Donahoo - Owner/Founder

2008 - 2009 Established in Fayetteville, NC

2009 - Present is maintained and holding it down in KCMO, KS, and IL.

2014 - Present We have expanded to OKC!

I always had a passion for music and fine arts; when I was in the military and stationed in NC, I came across an awesome minister that was looking for someone to work the music during weddings, and who had a bigger variety of music library already established. We hit it off right away, and soon was taking NC by storm! Six months into our partnership I was already a well established known DJ; we were heading in the right place as a company, but then I got a honorable medical discharge from military and was heading to KC. I took the rights of the company, packed up, and headed here to KC ready to blow up big!

Since we have been here in KC we are in many different magazines, maintain a presents in downtown nightlife bars and clubs, have done hundreds of weddings and events, and have been growing our team every year since.

Our clients seem to love us and we always grow as friends and family after every event. I have met so many beautiful people inside and out in this business; I can't but maintain a relationship with the couples and business partners.

I am very proud where our company has grown from and where we will be growing too in the next few years. So think of us on your next big event and know we will be working extra hard for your business, but more importantly... your friendship.

Myself as a DJ ... 

As a DJ I pride myself in the professionalism I have grown not only in myself but with my DJ partners. We all learn and benefit from each other's experience. I am a VERY social person and very much enjoy getting out on the dance floor with everyone else. I love to teach some of the oldies and newer dances of today to get parties started! I always loved it when a DJ can get him/herself involved in with HIS/HER crowd! I feel like I was hired to entertain as well as for my skills as a "Spin Doctor" so you will have no worries on if your event is going be a highlight in someone's year! So when you are looking for a DJ ...look for someone that is a PROFESSIONAL as well as a PERSON.