This is our outstanding team of talented individuals who each bring their unique skill set to the table and that is what we makes us so diverse and on top of the DJ world!

KJ = Karaoke             Weddings = They can do weddings not just clubs

VJ = Video DJ             Latin = Any latino mix


Steven Donahoo (DJ Lucky) - [DJ/VJ/KJ/Wedding/Latin]

I've been dj-ing for over 6 years now and have had a passion for music my whole life. Fooling with instruments from guitar, piano, drums, and even harmonica! haha! I've been mixing music and producing for the last 3 years. I also star on my own morning show called "Lucky's Morning Show" and have learned so much from the line of work and productions of radio programming. 

I'm excited to take this company to a whole different level and make it what I know it is capable of being! We as a team have already come so far and have really pushed it beyond my expectations and look forward to what is to come. 

Michael Lackey (DJ Lazer) - [VJ/Wedding]

DJ Lazer holds two residency spots at the Kansas City Power & Light District. One is the Jones Pool and the other Tengo Sed Cantina which has been voted top 100 bars/clubs the past four years. DJ Lazer plays different genres such as House/Electro, Hip-Hop (New & Old), Top-40, Trap & Pop. He loves to see the reaction from the crowd when he plays a song they haven't heard in years.


VJ Z MAN - [VJ/Weddings]

"VJ Z MAN" uses nothing but the best in the DJ industry with all LED/DMX lighting to the QSC K-Series speakers for glass breaking high quality sound that gives you crisp highs & chest thumping lows to keep the party rocking. Our huge wide variety HQ audio/video collection of well over 9 Tara Bytes "100,000+ files & counting" will cease to amaze everyone. Every event will be done in a highly professional manner, as we strive to amaze our clients with fair reasonable prices that will give you & your guest a lifetime of great memories. "VJ Z MAN" is one of the hottest & most requested DJ/VJ's in the midwest area. He always strives to keep his schedule full of gigs each month.

DJ The DON - [KJ/Wedding]

Hey! I'm DJ the DON! I have been a moblie dj for 20 years now and with well over 400 weddings, a number of clubs/bars and so many other events under my belt. I started in Orlando, Florida with Dj Wild Bill Of Wildstorm Entertainment. After 12 years with him I moved to Kansas City Missouri and have taken the state of Missouri and Kansas by storm leaving only satisfied clients and guest in my quest to entertain to highest level possible. If you need a DJ that will make sure all details are taken care of, then look no farther.